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NATURAL PEST CONTROL : Evidence of efficiency ?


Paris, 17 & 18 January 2012

At ASIEM, 6 rue Albert de Lapparent, Paris 7e


A dynamic mix of short talks, round-tables and interactive workshops to

discuss preliminary results of a synthesis of scientific knowledge on natural

pest control. With IPBES in mind, we will examine how practical, technical

and « indigenous » knowledge could be integrated in such an assessment

(what scale, for which users?).


Technical advisers, knowledge hubs, managers, decision-makers, scientists,

students, you all welcome to join. Several key speakers will tell us about various

methodologies of knowledge synthesis, adaptive management, risk-assessment…

and we will use the case study on natural pest control as a basis for our discussions

and workshops.


This seminar-workshop is entirely FREE. Your travel and subsistence can be

refunded upon request for those of you coming from outside Paris. You need to

register in order to make sure we can provide you with the best conditions, as the

number of seats are limited and we need to plan for catering and coffee-breaks.

You can join for the whole two days or just a few hours, as you wish. Details about

the programme are available upon request.


Contact : Barbara Livoreil, FRB, et barbara.livoreil@fondationbiodiversité.fr">barbara.livoreil@fondationbiodiversité.fr

This seminar-workshop is part of the FP7 Biodiversity Knowledge project



Some of our key speakers

Andrew Pullin, Centre for Evidence-based conservation, Bangor University, Royaume-Uni

William Sutherland, Cambridge University, Royaume-Uni

Pierre Ibish, Adaptive Management Group, Eberswalde, Allemagne

Marie Vandewalle, Biodiversity Knowledge, Helmoltz Centre, Allemagne


… and more to be confirmed.




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